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Why are motorized awnings a better choice than regular awnings?

motorized awnings1If you are thinking of installing awnings, you would have to decide between motorized awnings or regular awnings. While regular awnings are cheaper, awnings are more convenient. A motorized retractable awning can be a great investment for residential and commercial properties. Depending on weather condition and temperature, it is important to install the right kind of awning for your windows or patio. This would help provide most shade and protection from sun exposure and rain. 

Why are motorized awnings a better choice? 

Awnings provide protection from sun rays and rain. They also add an aesthetic appeal to the house. Let us discuss some other advantages that warrant getting motorized awnings instead of the regular awnings. 

Convenient and easy to use 

These awnings come with remote control. This lets you open and close the awnings without having to manually do it. If you feel that the sun rays are making the house unbearably hot or if it is raining too hard, you just need to push the button and the awning would open. You could also close the awning when need be. 

Smooth opening and closing 

The awnings are designed in such a way so that it can open and close easily and smoothly. It ensures that when closed fully, the docking system would be protected. 

Fabric protection 

Regular awnings usually end up damaging the fabric when it is closed and opened frequently. motorized awnings fix this problem. With every closure and release, the tension and pressure are just right to keep the fabric intact. 

Topnotch shut off mechanism 

With the regular awnings, you have trouble opening and closing them. You sometimes have to put considerable pressure to do it. This increases the chances of the arm breaking off or getting damaged. This is not a problem for motorized awnings. With their design, every time you decide to close it, it is sealed shut. This means that the cassettes are tightly shut and would be safe even if you are not present. You just need to click the button and it would close by itself. 

Completely protected 

the mechanism for the awnings is complex. But, with all the technological developments, the awnings are becoming even more complex and advanced. This has made it easy for the awnings to have a tech-savvy safety mechanism. 


motorized awnings2There is no denying that these awnings are an expensive investment. The cost is a lot higher than regular awnings. But, with all the benefits it has like being more durable than regular awnings, high-quality fabric protection and smooth docking, the long-term cost is a lot less than what you would spend on a regular awning. The long-term savings on the consumption of energy and low maintenance cost makes these awnings a far better choice than the regular ones. 

The awnings are not only aesthetically appealing, but they are far more convenient than manual awnings.

It is less time consuming and cost-effective in long term. This is why motorized awnings have become quite famous.

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