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What you need to know about pergolas NZ

pergolas NZ 1Pergolas NZ has become quite popular these days, and there is a good reason for the same. Considering the outdoor areas are now considered a vital part of houses, pergolas offer the perfect finish to the outdoor living space. They function as a focal point for the backyard. Pergolas can also function as a transitional space wherein they provide a bit of privacy in outdoor settings while at the same time, giving a feeling of openness.

Types of pergolas NZ you can opt for 

You might be wondering what options you have when it comes to pergolas NZ. Let us make things easier for you. Most pergolas are vinyl or wood. However, there are other options, such as fiberglass and metal, as well. Which pergola would be better for you depends on your preference, budget, and the extent of maintenance you are willing to take on.

Wood Pergolas

These provide the outdoor setting with a rustic and natural look. If you have a restricted budget, you can opt for pressure-treated wood, cedar and redwood pergolas are slightly more expensive. These pergolas are quite durable, which makes it worth their price. 

Vinyl Pergolas

If a classy and elegant look is what you are going for, vinyl pergolas NZ is the perfect option for you. Vinyl does not require any maintenance, which is a huge factor that works in favor of this material. You will need to perform power washing once every few years, and your pergola would continue to look as good as new for a long time to come. 

Fiberglass pergolas

These have a long lifespan and do not require much maintenance. Furthermore, you would not have to worry about the material rusting or corroding irrespective of the environment. It does not absorb moisture and is also capable of holding paint quite well. However, they are expensive and require a big budget.

Metal pergolas

Different types of metals can also be used to make pergolas NZ, aluminum, and steel being some examples. 

pergolas NZ 2Sizes and accessories of Pergolas NZ

You can order pergolas to be built in different sizes according to your outdoor space. Sometimes, pergolas are perfectly squared. Most people, however, prefer rectangular pergolas. 

When it comes to custom pergolas, you get a variety of options in size, shape, materials, and installed structures. You can have pergolas that are arched, straight, or even radius. You can even have your pergolas accessorized with retractable shades and roof, curtains, planters, special lights, and privacy walls, among other things. 

The pergolas NZ designs to consider

Pergolas are quite a beautiful sight to look at. Therefore, most people prefer to take the minimalistic approach and let the pergola define itself. The design suitable for you depends on how you would be using the space under the pergola. You can opt for a simple pergola structure or use it to make your outdoor living space appear striking by customizing the surrounding areas. How you decide to enhance the seemingly typical pergolas NZ ideas is up to you as this is your chance to be creative.

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