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Glass canopy

glass canopy 1A canopy is known to be a portable and small structure similar to that of a roof, usually made of fabric. A Glass canopy, on the other hand, is just like the basic canopy, except it’s made of glass. A glass canopy is basically a glass house with vertical support and frame. Just like a regular canopy, it is meant to provide protection from harsh weather conditions like heat, wind, and rain. A glass canopy is a much more durable and detailed version of a canopy, except it’s also very exposed at the same time. You will see many businesses or huge companies have them set up at the front entrance as a sophisticated and attracted feature. This kind of canopy is believed to allow more natural light, unlike regular canopies. It’s really important to remember all steps and details while installing a glass canopy as it can definitely ruin the aesthetic if not installed properly. The way it’s installed and designed matters a lot. A glass canopy can literally transform the way any property looks.  

How to install a glass canopy?

Since a canopy is open and airy with a pyramid roof, a glass canopy is usually flat or a bit slanted. Just like regular canopies, they have a frame specific to their sizes, to support and give strength while suspended. But it is always advisable to fix the glass canopy to any solid support or structure instead. Glass canopies aren’t portable and cannot move around like regular canopies, which is why their installation process is a bit different too. An engineer’s opinion is definitely required whenever you plan on installing a glass canopy. They are very complex and delicate to handle. Their installing, fixing techniques should be well-practiced beforehand. They are equally expensive as well, and fixing mistakes after installation can be costly too. Installing guttering at points of the canopy is very important since the job of the canopy is to protect you from rain while you’re under it. The perfect guttering can definitely withstand heavy rainfall.

glass canopy 2Make sure there are no gaps or spaces in the canopy and the overlapping is sufficient. You certainly don’t want anything to fall through those gaps. Ensure that you properly angle the glass before installing it. Test out the angles incase the water or waste moves in a certain direction. The type of glass you install is also very important. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Not all of them have the same purpose. 

Benefits of a glass canopy

It adds a touch of sophistication to your exterior or building. It has a certain modern aesthetic appeal to it. It can transform your entrance or walkway. It lets all the natural light in and provides protection from sun exposure, heat, and wind. They are very durable and safe as they can withstand extreme conditions as well. Although they are a bit more expensive than regular canopies, they are in fact a one-time investment as they last very long and without maintenance if installed properly.

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