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Folding arm awnings – The best choice

folding arm awnings1Folding arm awnings are an essential tool if you want to increase your outdoor living space or accommodate customers in your outdoor café. With an awning, you would not only protect yourself from extreme weather but also add a touch of style and modern décor. 

Add the folding arm awnings outside on your terrace or patio and get the shade of a tree. This gives you a perfect place to relax while enjoying the weather. The awnings come in many sizes you can put one on windows and over your porch enhancing the look of your residential and commercial property. 

How does it work? 

Folding arm awnings are very pretty and useful. If you are planning to install an awning, you need to understand the components of an awning and how they work together. With the differences in the awning components, you can choose the type of components that are the most convenient for you. 

There is a moveable joint on the awning which is in the cassette and hung on the wall with fabric. This helps the awning to open and close. The moveable arm lets the awning be stored by stowing it away or folding it into a compact form. When the arm is open, the fabric would also extend. 

Following are the different components: 

folding arm awnings2Material of awning 

The material of the awning is always very sturdy and is resistant to extreme weather. There can be different kinds of fabric. Some are mentioned below: 

Acrylic fabric 

The acrylic fabric is durable and water-resistant. There are many kinds of acrylic fabric available from 100% acrylic to mixtures of acrylic with polyester and cotton. It is heavy and transparent. The fabric is ideal for people who live in humid areas since it is resistant to UV rays and mildew. The acrylic fabric shrinks in the winters and stretches during summers. Most of the acrylic fabrics come with at least 5 years warranty. 

Coated cotton fabric 

The cotton fabric is coated with a material to make it fire, mildew, UV rays and water-resistant. It might be coated with vinyl coating, but the base of the fabric is cotton. With all the benefits it provides, it has certain drawbacks too. The fabric is not recommended to people living in a humid area. Moreover, the warranty for this kind of fabric is usually less than 5 years. 

Vinyl fabric 

Vinyl fabrics come in two types. They can be coated or laminated. Laminated fabrics are usually considered standard fabric awnings. It’s durable and waterproof and recommended for medium and large awnings. Coated vinyl is of higher quality. They are also durable and waterproof and come in more sizes than the laminated awnings. 

Arms of the awnings 

You can choose either telescope or articulated arms in your Folding arm awnings. The telescope awnings have a gas cylinder and are used for a smaller area. Articulated is more complex and opens in stages. It can be used for Folding arm awnings in larger areas. 

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