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Canopy Tent Rental

canopy tent rental 1Canopy tent rental varies based on location, size, material etc. Canopy tents provide great solution for outdoor events. They can be rented for any type of event, be it outdoor cocktail party, barbecue, day wedding or even some charity events. 

Canopies fulfill the basic purpose of protection from sun; there is no guarantee that they would also protect from rain or sturdy winds. Canopy tents are often short lived; once event is over, they are meant to be taken down. If left for too long, they can get dirty or damaged. 

Canopy tents have several benefits, some of these are as follows:

  • Customization: canopy tents can be customized as per the need of the customer. They can be set up in any shape, be it circular or square. Customization is mostly done based on place, size, theme of the event and caters any other customer need.
  • Adjustable Size: they come in different sizes. Bigger sizes call for more canopy tent rental, whereas smaller sizes are affordable. 
  • Easy Set up: Canopy tents are very easy to set up and take down once purpose is fulfilled. Therefore, installation cost is also very reasonable. They are also very easy to transport from supplier to customer. 

Canopies are cost effective solution for outdoor activities, however, in recent times, canopy tent rentals are going up due to high demand and increased variety. Often cost is more due to many customizations in color, size, design which increases overall canopy tent rental for the event. 

The best way to control canopy tent rental for your upcoming event is to go for standard height, color and design. In recent times, usage of canopy tents has increased as outdoor parties and activities have become a norm. Canopies are great source of protection from sun and rain. However, there is no guarantee that these tents save from harsh weather conditions as they are often fabric material only. 

canopy tent rental 2Canopy tents installation is recommended only for grass and they are not durable, as in, cannot be used for long term. Canopy tents have several types, and each type has different rental:

  • Pole Tents: These types of tents are ideal for big events with large gatherings. They can be installed on grass as well as on concrete, depending upon the need.  
  • Pop-up Tents: These are also called instant pop-up tents. They are best for small gatherings and have short term use. They are very easy to set up as they take only few minutes to install. Very easy to carry from one place to another and low-cost solution as well.
  • High Crowning Tents: They can also be known as high peak tents as they have center pole and have a crown type shape. These are used for weddings, receptions and events that call for festive and elegant look. 

Canopy tent rental varies for each of the above types. Different events call for different type of rents. Therefore, it is best to have a look at canopy tent rental of diverse categories beforehand and then make the choice.

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