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Canopy rentals

canopy rentals1A canopy is kind of a tent which is a small and portable structure made of fabric and support. Canopy rentals are quite popular when it comes to certain occasions. Whether it’s for a small family gathering or a major one-day event, canopy rentals can literally transform spaces.  Many people turn to these rentals when they want to host a major launch party or a wedding most of the time. It all comes down to the way you style and design certain spaces with canopies. 

What is the difference between a canopy and a tent?

Many people get confused between the two and it’s completely normal since they have the same basic structure and have other similarities. But to clarify it, a canopy is open with a pyramid roof. They have a frame to give strength and support to the roof. Unlike a tent, it’s not closed and cannot be used a shelter, rather it is used as an open space for outdoor events and parties. Canopies are portable and can move around. A tent, on the other hand, is a closed shelter. It has several kinds of roofs. With doors and walls, many people turn it into shelter as well. It doesn’t need a frame to support the roof since it’s a bit bigger than a canopy. Canopy rentals have become very common nowadays, due to their portability and style.  

Canopies and events

Because of its size, portability, openness and frame stability, people like renting canopies for business or commercial settings. You’ve probably seen them at carnivals and funfairs mostly. Since it’s usually used for events, it’s the perfect choice for occasions in the summer heat. Since canopies are open and durable, they can be designed exceptionally well if needed. They can look decorative and thematic depending on the kind of occasion. They come in bright and colorful colors too. 

canopy rentals2Why do people go for canopy rentals?

Buying a canopy especially just for one or two events in a year doesn’t really sound useful since it’s not a practical approach if there aren’t going to many events in the pipeline. Again, renting is much more practical than buying since a one-time investment can almost never be used again. It’s cheaper and useful than buying one. There are so many different sized canopies available for rent that it’s not difficult to choose anymore. Every canopy comes under a certain budget, accessory, and purpose. 

What you should consider while looking for a canopy rental?

It’s important to know whether the canopy or the whole setup is in perfect condition or not considering a lot of people will be standing under it. The team should be super professional in assembling it and accommodating the delivery and pick-up of the canopy. The most important factor is pricing. The pricing shouldn’t exceed more than the actual price of the canopy. 

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