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All you need to know about custom awnings!

An awning is a kind of roof that is known to provide shade from the scorching summer heat and protection from rain or heavy storm. It’s perfectly usable for indoor and outdoor settings. Many businesses and homes install awnings not just for the shade and protection, but also because it is an energy-efficient way to save money. The right type of awning depending on the setting can cut down huge utility costs if installed properly. Besides controlling sun exposure, it decreases the need for constant air conditioning, which is why many people like custom awnings according to their need and exterior. 

Why install custom awnings?

Businesses, restaurants, and residential properties always like keeping up with the trend. Installing custom awnings not only improve the aesthetic of the exterior, but also freshen up the whole look of the place. Many people love customizing awnings before installing them. They make your outdoor space look bigger and spacious. Awnings come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and color patterns. It doesn’t always have to be plain and boring. Since they also provide shade from excess heat and sun exposure and prevent increasing humidity, awnings also help save up on energy bills. Due to its properties, awnings are capable of cutting down energy costs since air conditioning and humidifiers don’t need to function regularly anymore. On top of that, they also prevent radiation from touching the surface of any furniture or exterior, which saves your place and exterior from harmful vulnerability.

Materials and fabrics

Installing custom awnings gives you the opportunity to choose from various fabrics and materials. Acrylic fabrics are preferred for their properties of withholding pressure and water repulsion. Polyester fabrics are usually very heavy, dense and mildew resistant. Uncoated polyester, on the other hand, is more vulnerable to heat and damage. Vinyl coated fabrics are known to resist extreme humidity and are a good choice for installation in such hot and humid environments. Metal such as aluminum is also used for awnings, especially in retractable ones. Since they’re tough, solid and easy to match with the exterior, many people go for them as they’re also cost-effective. 

Different custom awning styles

The most common and popular type of awning installed is the shed awning. It’s highly functional, compatible, and slightly steeper compared to other designs. It’s an ideal choice for patios and yards. Customized awnings are very popular when it comes to commercial uses, such as the Bullnose awning. This type of awning can be found outside restaurant windows and hotel entrances usually. It adds a pop of pattern to your exterior front. Concave awnings are used mostly for homes. They look perfect on the porches and front entrance. As the ends are slightly curved inwards, this certainly looks visually appealing to the surrounding.

Custom awnings are a fun way to elevate the appearance of any exterior. Since awnings come in different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes, it’s always advisable to switch up and refresh the look every now and then. 

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